A Modern-Classic detached townhome project that thinking of every element and moment of living. Designed to live in the midst of green nature and the shade of trees. Making your home for touch the sunlight and a breeze blowing.

The project design concept also reflects to the landscape architecture , both modernity and shady. Morning sunlight and evening breeze. The club building fulfill a variety of lifestyle, which looks comfortable in harmony with the sunshade and trees
Modernity is attractive and most enduring on its simplicity. Nara Home, a home designed for 365 days perfect living.
NARA TOWN Laem Chabang

Project Location

Convenient for every day life and travel to any important location.

Sukhumvit Rd. 2.5 km.
3009 Rd. 1.3 km.
Motorway 6.2 km.
Pattaya City 20 km.
Laem Chabang industrial estate entrance 5.3 km.
Harbor Mall Laem Chabang 5.0 km.
Lotus's 5.0 km.
Talad Si moom muang 6.6 km.
Laem Chabang City Municipality 7.8 km.
Sahapat Group 6.0 km.
Vibharam Laem Chabang Hospital 6.1 km.
Laem Chabang Hospital 9.3 km.
Kasetsart University Sriracha 9.8 km.
Tukcom Sriracha 15.2 km.
Robinson Sriracha 16.0 km.
Central Sriracha 17.2 km.
Road No.36 8.3 km.
North Pattaya Rd. 15.1 km.
Bowin Subdistrict 16.2 km.